Mechanical Bull Rentals for Team Building & Corporate Events

Mechanical bulls are a great addition to corporate events.  In particular, mechanical bulls partnered with other western games make for amazing cowboy team building activities.


Over the years, the Mechanical Bull Association has been a part of countless corporate and team building events.  We partner with Wild West Performers and The Reenactors Performance Group to bring memorable western entertainment and activities to events across the country.


Typical western games include a rodeo roper (guests try to rope a mechanized calf while sitting on top of a fake horse), steer roping (participants rope cow heads attached to hay bales), and fast draw (contestants draw blank guns to see who is the fastest draw).  Depending on the area of the country, other great western team building activities include armadillo races, horseshoes, cow patty toss, boot & hat tosses, and shooting galleries.


For many events, the Mechanical Bull Association can create activities to suit the client’s specific needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to think outside the typical western box.  Recently, at Mount Snow in Vermont, a human paintball shooting gallery was created at the ski resort.  Corporate guests shot at bandits that ran through an Old West town.  It was a unique experience that guests will not soon forget!


The Reenactors Performance Group and Wild West Performers provide cowboys and reenactors to enhance team building experiences.  Often having a cowboy emcee to guide participants through a team building event will add excitement and help to clarify the activities.


Wild West Performers is also an amazing resource for cowboy and Native American performers along with motivational and keynote speakers that bring a modern, applicable spin to the values and concepts found in the Old West.  For instance, trick roper, speaker, and social media consultant Will Roberts of Cirque du Soleil fame has relaunched a national speaking program that focuses on Simple Sense and how individuals and corporations can create more success, productivity, and happiness.  With partners like Wild West Performers, The Mechanical Bull Association can ensure your western-themed corporate event is fully covered.


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