Mechanical Bulls for Post Proms and Graduation Parties: Book Today!

The school year has started once again, which means that it becomes time to think about the end of the school year.  It sounds crazy, but now is a great opportunity to consider your entertainment for post proms, sober graduation parties, and other celebrations.  April, May and June are very busy months since schools tend to celebrate on the same nights.


We have been working with many schools over the years, and we find that most book our mechanical bulls as early as September since this is a memorable showpiece at any event.  Moreover, we have found that over the years a mechanical bull at high school graduations and prom parties have become a right of passage – students expect, or at least hope, to see mechanical bulls at their events to help make it a night that will not be forgotten.


The Mechanical Bull Association understands the unique needs of schools.  We work with you to address any paperwork and to secure additionally insured certificates on the mechanical bull’s commercial general liability insurance policy.


If safety is ever a concern, then we will take the time to explain our safety policies.  The Mechanical Bull Association’s policies were developed over the years and all members of the Mechanical Bull Association must comply.  We found that the safest ride is one that comes with an education.  Our operators spend time providing safety tips and riding instructions.  A rider that acquires knowledge and experiences a fun, safe ride will return to ride again.