Wild West Performers.com is your one stop shop for all you western specialist production needs.

Wild West Performers.com is your one stop shop for all you western specialist production needs.
Welcome to Wild West Performers.com
WWP is your one stop shop for all you western specialist production needs. We provide top of the line trick ropers, whip artists, gun twirlers, fast draw artists, stuntmen, trick riders, prop handlers and weapons specialists that deliver the distinct satisfaction only a master can offer. We have spent years gathering together the best and brightest in the Wild West World to bring you the most talented and experienced specialists and production services available. Whether it is a gun coach or trick roper you need or an entire battalion of horse soldiers, WWP is your inside line to the best in the business.
WWP provides quality, excellence and unique services. Our specialists are made up the finest talent in the western arts and we work with these top professionals every day. This is a diverse group of individuals and teams that live, eat and breath the western arts, historic equipment and culture. WWP provides these professionals to clients around the world for a wide variety of production needs.  From film & television productions behind the camera and in front to live events and major themed productions for theme parks and studios. You have seen our work in films like Jonah Hex,Tombstone and The Quick and the Dead and in shows like Cirque Du Sollie, Disney World and Universal Studios.
We bring the experience to get the shot and pull off the impossible.  We do it every day, safely and reliably. When you need it to look right, right now,WildWestPerformers.com.
Our services include:
  • Trainers & Coaches
  • Doubles & Stand-ins
  • Specialist Performers & Teams
  • Stunt Players & Coordinators
  • Livestock Handlers & Trainers
  • Actors & Reenactors
  • Specialized Props & Equipment
Brows our site and contact us with any of your needs. We look forward to helping make your production unforgettable.
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Questions to Ask When Renting a Mechanical Bull, Part II

Renting a Mechanical Bull? Questions to Ask When Renting a Mechanical Bull, Part II


Want to rent a mechanical bull but feel a little out of your element?  Do not worry.  The Mechanical Bull Association is committed to making the process easy and fun.  This article is a continuation of “Renting a Mechanical Bull?  Questions to Ask When Renting a Mechanical Bull, PartI.”  If you have any other questions, then please feel free to contact us at any time.  We love to talk mechanical bulls!


What are the power requirements?  

As mentioned earlier, this will depend on the type of mechanical bull you rent.  The 110 volts mechanical bulls will need two dedicated standard outlets on separate breakers.  The 220 volts will require a 220v outlet (with 30-50amps, depending on the model) and a 110v outlet on a separate breaker.  In the case of a 220v mechanical bull, rewiring may be necessary at the venue or a generator may be required.


What are the space requirements?

In general, you should have a 20’x25’ space.  This will give you plenty of room for the inflatable mat, the operator to run the bull, and for a cushion of space for spectators.  Depending on the mechanical bull rented, the inflatable mat can be square or circular.  You also want to make sure there is plenty of clearance above the mechanical bull.  A 110v may allow you to have a ceiling as low as 10 feet, but a 220v should be no lower than 12 feet.


What is the process of renting a mechanical bull from you?

This is an important step because at the end of the day you want to feel confident that you are going to get what you expect to get.  We have heard too many stories where bull operators pull out at the last moment, and there is no contract in place to protect the person renting the bull.  The Mechanical Bull Association makes sure to establish clear communication between everyone involved and that everything is addressed prior to the event.  We draft and follow contracts to protect the renter and give them a feeling of certainty.  You should expect a contract and for all of your questions to be addressed ahead of time.


Do you have experience doing an event like mine?

Although most mechanical bull operators have been in almost every situation under the sun, you should know that the company from which you rent a bull understands your situation.  You may need an operator who can keep the ride exciting by being vocal, or you may need an operator that discusses riding tips with young riders.  You should feel at ease that your needs are met and that safety standards are always in place.


How much is it to rent a mechanical bull?  Is your rate all-inclusive?

This is an obvious question.  The answer you get from mechanical bull companies will depend on the date of your event, time of your event, duration of your event, and the distance needed to drive.  A late event may incur a hotel charge.  A long event may kick an overtime charge into effect.  Multiple days booked in a row may cause a lower rate since transportation costs are spread out across all the days.  There are many factors involved.  Another big cost that influences pricing is insurance.  If you run into a rate that seems much lower than others, then you should definitely make sure that you ask Question One (Do you have insurance, and can I see your certificate of liability?), as this can be a red flag.  Also, make sure that the rate is all-inclusive.  Nothing drives us crazier than hearing a rate only to find out that taxes, transportation, and a hotel were not tacked onto the price quoted.



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Mechanical Bull Rentals & Sales Local, Safe & Affordable

Welcome!  We are the Mechanical Bull Association, a group of mechanical bull owners and operators committed to safety, insurance compliance, and always ensuring a good time is had by all.  Our goal is to bring you an authentic cowboy experience in a professional and courteous manner.


We are the industry’s leader in mechanical bull rentals, which are available for any event including: Weddings, Schools, Birthdays, Fundraisers, Festivals, Private or Corporate Events, Television and Film Studio Shoots, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, Fairs & Festivals, or just plain having a good ol’ time.  We are your authority on mechanical bulls.


We have been in the western entertainment business for over fifteen years. Since that time, we have done a wide array of events, both big and small. We have the experience and attention to detail you need to ensure a safe and fun event!


Want to Rent a Mechanical Bull? CONTACT US and we will get back to you with a quote! Or, call us at 1-800-279-8365 today! We would love to talk to you about a Mechanical Bull rental, . . . YEEHAW!


Need other ideas for your party? Please visit WildWestPerformers.com to assist you in planning your event. Rest assured, your hoedown will go down without a hitch.