Mechanical Bull Rental Price: The Cost of Renting a Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull Rental Price: The Cost of Renting a Mechanical Bull


The cost of renting a mechanical bull is the main question that people ask.  In order to provide an exact price for mechanical bull rentals there are several details that a mechanical bull company needs since there are many costs involved in operating and transporting a mechanical bull for rent.


Some of the factors involved in determining a mechanical bull rental price are the date, time, and duration of your event, and the distance needed to drive.  If your event runs into the wee hours of the next morning, then some operators may need to add on a hotel charge and long events (like 10+ hours straight) may incur overtime charges.


If your event is a multiple day gig, then you will probably be able to get a better deal per day since the costs of transportation will be spread over all the days of the event.


At the Mechanical Bull Association, we like to discuss your individual needs to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.  For instance, a wedding reception may want to a mechanical bull rental for four hours, but they may need it set-up 5 hours in advance, so as not to disturb the ceremony with a set-up.  The Mechanical Bull Association is accustomed to dealing with all types of situations and will make sure your event is covered whatever your needs may be.


Another cost that mechanical bull owners need to cover is insurance.  Mechanical bull insurance is a must for your event.  Do not rent a mechanical bull without seeing proof of insurance, and we suggest getting an additionally insured certificate on the policy as well.  If you encounter a mechanical bull quote that seems much lower than the others, then this low mechanical bull price may indicate that the mechanical bull does not carry insurance, or at least the proper mechanical bull insurance.  Ask questions.  A cheap mechanical bull does not always mean no or inadequate insurance, but a low mechanical bull cost should serve as a friendly reminder for you to do your homework.


Please feel free to ask us at Mechanical Bull Association if you have any questions.


Some mechanical bull companies also quote low rates, but the rates are not all-inclusive.  When it comes to contract time, then you may see added transportation and operational costs, as well as taxes that should have been presented to you upfront in the original mechanical bull price quoted.


Finally, remember that the closest mechanical bull does not necessarily mean the best rate.  Some mechanical bull companies are just very expensive – they may have a fantastic looking mechanical bull with all the bells and whistles and more or may just want to have fewer events.  Also, mechanical bulls are a traveling operation.  That means that they may go all over the country to do events, so a bull based out of CA may just be in TN for your event.  At the Mechanical Bull Association, we track and communicate with all our member mechanical bull operators to know where they are and where they are going.  This means that when we give you a quote we make sure that you are getting the best possible price out of a large pool of potential mechanical bulls.


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