Sexiest Mechanical Bull Ride Starring You

Sexiest Bull Ride Ever, Sexiest Mechanical Bull Ride, or Sexy Bull Rider are common titles on mechanical bull Youtube videos.  Whether you are a guy or a gal, people want to look good when riding a mechanical bull.  You don’t want to look like a fool, and if you can be known as the Sexiest Mechanical Bull Rider Ever, then that’s some serious icing on the cake.


So, if you want to be the star of the next most viewed Sexiest Bull Rider video, then here are some words of advice from our mechanical bull operators.


With these words of advice all you need to do is make sure your friends are there to record your mechanical bull ride, so they can post your Sexy Bull Ride on Youtube, Faceboom, Instagram and more.  Let the world know that you know how to ride a mechanical bull.


Sexy Mechanical Bull Ride Tips:


1.  Tell the mechanical bull operator that you want to look good.  A sexy bull ride tends to be a slower ride, so the operator should know that you want him or her to run the mechanical bull on a slow setting with more emphasis on the buck over the spin.


2.  Hold the mechanical bull strap with one hand (use an underhanded grip) and put your other hand up in the air at a 90 degree angle.


3.  Make sure your legs are forward on the mechanical bull.  Some mechanical bull models have “kick pads” that indicate where your feet should be on the mechanical bull.


4.  When the mechanical bull head bucks down make sure you lean back, and lean forward when the mechanical bull head rises.  Your movements should be smooth, and you should pivot from your hips and core.


5.  Don’t look stressed, even if you are really nervous about riding the mechanical bull.  The sexiest mechanical bull rides are when the rider looks confident.  Feel free to smile and act like you ride mechanical bulls every day of your life.


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How to Ride a Mechanical Bull: Five Quick Tips Before This Weekend!

How to Ride a Mechanical Bull: Five Quick Tips Before This Weekend!


You don’t need 100 different stories, thoughts, and tips floating in your head from all of your friends that got on a mechanical bull once in a bar, as you grab a mechanical bull’s strap with a sweaty hand waiting to see what kind of a ride you are going to get from an operator you don’t know from Adam.


At the Mechanical Bull Association, we understand this situation.  For this reason and more, we have compiled 5 basic tips to help you look like you know what you are doing when riding a mechanical bull and look good doing it.



1.  Hold the padded strap with one hand while using your free DOMINANT hand (that’s the one you write with) in the air to balance.

2.  Move your legs forward and squeeze with your lower body.  Relax the upper body.

3.  Watch the head of the mechanical bull to indicate directional changes and maintain balance.  Do not smile at your friends when the bull is moving.  Just watch the head of the mechanical bull.

4. Lean back when the bull head moves down and forward when the bull head moves upward.  A good operator will give you a chance to practice a bit before speeding up the mechanical bull.

5. If you are concerned at any time, say, “STOP,” or use an extended arm with flat hand, the international signal for “stop,” to communicate to the operator that you are ready for the ride to end.  You may want to make sure the operator knows the signal before you start.

Have a great time, ask your friends to take pictures

 and share them on social media!

Spread the word, MECHANICAL BULLS are fun

and you can look great riding them!

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