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Jon  –  Gun spinner, stunts



Jonathan Mincks – Actor/Showman ~ Stuntman ~ Coordinator ~ Weapons Expert
Jonathan Mincks, a.k.a. Johnny Hotshot, has over 30 year’s production experience providing talent, coordination and specialty skills. He has appeared in over 30 motion pictures as an actor, stuntman and weapons handler. He also travels the globe thrilling live crowds for premier events, theme parks and distinctive venues providing shows and production coordination. His one man Wild West Show, Armed & Hilarious, as Johnny Hotshot has won him the World Champion title for showmanship 3 times in international competition. He is known for producing dynamic live action and safety coordination in unique and challenging conditions. He is fully insured and maintains an impeccable safety record.
In addition to the motion picture companies he has worked with like Paramount, Warner Brothers, TriStar, UA and Republic, he has also coordinated and performed shows for live venues including; The Disney Grand Hotel, The Riviera Hotel Las Vegas, Paramount Studios, Stagecoach Country Music Festival, Olympic Fencing Association, Old Tucson Studios, Kiev Polytechnic University Russia, Carl May Festival Germany and The Cedar Stampede Rodeo in Beirut, to name a few.
  • Stunt Coordination: Extensive background in ground stunts, stage & studio hand to hand combat, high falls, chase, transfers, stair falls, jerks, saddle falls, and special effects integration. Execution, coordination & choreography.
  • Weapons handling: Performance, training and coordination of western gun tricks and doubling, safety coordination. Master weapons handler. Guns, whips, blades, etc.
  • World Champion Western Showman: Trick & Fancy Gun Twirling, Trick Shooting, Fast Draw, Bull Whip Artist, Trick Roper, etc.
  • Honorary member of the Hollywood Stuntman’s Hall of Fame with over 30 film & TV appearances including; Three Kings, The Young Riders, Tombstone, Gunsmoke, Tank Girl, Fast Getaway II, The Quick and the Dead and  Little House on the Prairie.
  • 2010 winner of Spirit of the West Award
  • Official Product Demonstrator for Pietta Firearms
  • Official Spokesman for the National Day of the Cowboy



Dr. Buck Montgomery – Hollywood Stuntman ~ Actor

 Dr Buck 1

Dr. Buck, a nickname bestowed upon him by fellow Hollywood Stuntmen, has appeared in such films as, “The Sacketts”, “Pale Rider”, “The Shadow Riders”, “Barbarosa”, “The Long Riders”, with the late David Carradine, and “Back to the Future III”, to name just a few.  His Live Stage Show production and script writing skills soon found him working as the General Manager, Entertainment Director & Stunt Show Coordinator at the World Famous “Ponderosa Ranch”, home of TV’s Bonanza!… and consequently working, performing, and acting in the many Bonanza sequels with such legendary actors as Ben Johnson, Jack Elam, and even Star Trek’s very own Leonard Nimoy! Most recently, Dr. Buck starred in the True West/PBS series, “Outrageous Arizona”, and is currently working on the up-coming western movie, “Three Bad Men” and “Banock”.

Dr. Buck has this to say about being a professional stuntman, “Scars are just Cowboy Tattoos…with better stories.”

Dr. Buck is also honored to be one of only a select handful of Official Spokesmen for the National Day of the Cowboy, celebrated every July 23rd. Dr. Buck has received many awards over the span of his career, but the NDOC title and his recent “Spirit of the West” award last year, rank high among his most rewarding.

As the “Trail Boss” of the New “Wild West Performing Arts Society” (WWPAS), Dr. Buck has the opportunity to help preserve America’s Wild West Arts, such as “Trick Roping”, “Gun Spinning”, “Whip Cracking”, “Knife Throwing”, “Wild West Show Stunts and Stage Combat”, “Trick Riding & Shooting” and more, for generations to come!  These Classic Cowboy Skills practiced around the Round-Up campfires, performed in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows, and presented to citified folks by Will Rogers, now have a “New Home On The Range” for everyone wanting to keep this part of America’s unique heritage alive!


Lee Mckechnie  – Stunts, Actor



Lee McKechnie attended Jody McQueen’s stunt school in 1988.  Lee grew up working horse and cattle ranches and later became a power lineman for the government, so jumping and falling off things were second nature to him as he made the transition into the stunt world.

Lee worked for three years as an actor and stuntman choreographing fight scenes and writing scripts for the world famous Old Tucson Studios from 1989-1992.  Old Tucson was a stepping stone into movies.

Stunt, Coordinating and Acting credits include:  The Young Riders, El Diablo, Lightning Jack, Young Guns II, Unsolved Mysteries, The Postman, Tank Girl, Interstate 60, Vanishing Point, Tombstone Movie, Duel, Good Morning America, The Time Masters, Legends of the West, Last Bounty Hunter, Buffalo Soldiers, Sliders, Pelgidium Granger, The Lexx Series, The Magnificent 7 TV Series, Miracle at Sage Creek, To kill a Memory, Thriftstore Cowboy, The Lone Ranger Movie and many more including countless commercials and music videos.

Lee has entertained thousands with live performances in genres from the 1880’s thru the 1940’s.   He owns a western style theme park and theatre in Tombstone, Az called Helldorado Town and a wild west theatre in Virginia City, Nv. Lee’s 16 year old theatrical stunt team “The Tombstone Cowboys” holds titles as a two time National Champion Stunt Team and his  13 year old Virginia City Outlaws troop holds the Nevada State Championship that was held at the Ponderosa Ranch at Lake Tahoe, Nv.  His stunt group has even performed overseas for three summers in Germany at the world famous Karl May Festivals.

 Loop Rawlins – Trick Roper, Gun Spinner, Whip artist and coach

loop rawlins 2013


Loop Rawlins is an award winning Wild West Performer and has traveled the world displaying his talents with a rope, whip, and gun. Loop also performed in a Specialty Act with Cirque Du Soleil. Besides performing, he has worked on several TV, commercial, and Film projects.  He recently starred in a western film  entitled, ‘The Adventures of Loop & Rhett’, which garnered several awards at Film Festivals and is now being distributed.  Loop has coached & doubled actors in the skills of Roping, Gun Handling, & Whip work.  Loop’s approach to coaching is giving his student solid fundamentals first and then showing them different ways to style or make the move/trick unique.  Loop Rawlins’ background as a performer, actor, and master technician makes him a great coach because he has been on both sides of the camera.  Below is a list of some recent work from Loop Rawlins.

History Channel- Wild West Tech – Actor & Stunts
Red Rock Westerns – Adventures of Loop & Rhett – Actor/whip coach/ stunts
BBC – OK Corral – Actor
GRAYE SISTER PRO – Bucking the Tiger – Gun Coach
MTV – Made – Whip Coach
Spy Films – MC Donalds Commercial – Roping Double & Coach
AMC – TV Spot – Actor/whip work
TV – Champs Sporting Goods Commercial – Roper
ITV (UK) – Odd One In –  Special guest
ABC – Indy Car Racing – Trick Roper


Jeff O’Haco – Stunts, Actor


Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 6.04.08 PM


Gary BADDOG Bennett – Wrangler, Mounted shooting


12 Time World and National Champion in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Leader of Team Baddog,(the largest mounted shooting team around).  “BadDog” Bennett is a Wild West Entertainer, stunt man, Actor, Whip Artist, Gun spinner, Clinician, horse trainer as well as a trick animal trainer. Baddog’s animals have been seen on TV commercials (Oakland A’s and Petsmart).  BadDog is the owner of Sunset Ranch Performance Horses, Last Good bye and Discount Construction.   BadDog has trained 5 World Champion shooting horses and maybe your horse might be number 6.  BadDog is an International Professional Rodeo Association Barrel-man. Comedy Act of the Year 06’ and Specialty Act of the year in 05’. BadDog has taken his Wild West show all over the country.     If you are interested in learning the sport of Mounted Shooting, Sunset Ranch has everything you would need to give it a try, from Lesson shooting horses to guns, rigs and lots of Shooting horses for sale.


Amos Carver – Pyro, Stunts, Actor 


5189762526_81d28c0ab3_o (1)


Gary Baddog Bennett – Horses and livestock Wrangler




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