Mechanical Bull Rentals for Corporate Parties and film production

Mechanical Bull Association believes that the most important aspect of a mechanical bull rental is clear communication.  A person renting a mechanical bull should be clear as to what is needed to ensure a successful event, and the Mechanical Bull Association wants to help out in any way possible.


If you are having a corporate event, like a holiday party or conference, then a mechanical bull is a great way to add excitement for rider and watchers alike.  However, there are a few items to consider to make sure your mechanical bull rental on your big event day goes off without a hitch.



Mechanical Bull Association likes to make sure that every party involved has copies of the mechanical bull insurance well in advance of the event date.  By providing contact information at the company and the venue, we can make sure that the policy is provided to everyone and that additionally insured certificates are issued when needed.  Most additionally insured certificates do not incur an extra charge with the exception of a few states.


Mechanical Bull Association asks for contact names at the venue and on the event date, so that clear communication is insured.  The mechanical bull operator’s contact information can be supplied for contact on the day of the event.



Prior to the event date, Mechanical Bull Association will want to make sure that load-in requirements are met.  The load-in path will need to be clear and straight, unencumbered by stairs.  A freight elevator will be required if the event is on an above ground level.  Doorways should be at least 36” wide.  If a ramp is available additional assistance may be required depending on the degree of elevation and length of the ramp.  Finally, the mechanical bull cannot be pushed across soft surfaces without additional assistance and possible plywood planking.



This is dependent upon the type of mechanical bull rented, but Mechanical Bull Association requests contact with the on-site electrician if there is uncertainty regarding requirements.  Plugs and power sources should be determined well in advance of the event date.



The final space should be at least 20’x25’ to accommodate the mechanical bull, operator, and spectators.  The ceiling should be a minimum of 12’ in height.  Some mechanical bull types can accommodate a lower ceiling, but a small room will minimize the impact of the mechanical bull as an entertainment centerpiece.



The mechanical bull operator typically arrives within the hour since set-up time is around 30 minutes.  Tear-down occurs at the contractual end time.  Mechanical Bull Association that given the location of the mechanical bull an earlier set-up and/or tear-down may be needed to avoid it being seen by guests or distracting noise.  If an early or late time is needed, then please make sure to convey these times right away, so you can be properly accommodated.  These are the event times that should be reflected in the contract.


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Wild West is your one stop shop for all you western specialist production needs.

Wild West is your one stop shop for all you western specialist production needs.
Welcome to Wild West
WWP is your one stop shop for all you western specialist production needs. We provide top of the line trick ropers, whip artists, gun twirlers, fast draw artists, stuntmen, trick riders, prop handlers and weapons specialists that deliver the distinct satisfaction only a master can offer. We have spent years gathering together the best and brightest in the Wild West World to bring you the most talented and experienced specialists and production services available. Whether it is a gun coach or trick roper you need or an entire battalion of horse soldiers, WWP is your inside line to the best in the business.
WWP provides quality, excellence and unique services. Our specialists are made up the finest talent in the western arts and we work with these top professionals every day. This is a diverse group of individuals and teams that live, eat and breath the western arts, historic equipment and culture. WWP provides these professionals to clients around the world for a wide variety of production needs.  From film & television productions behind the camera and in front to live events and major themed productions for theme parks and studios. You have seen our work in films like Jonah Hex,Tombstone and The Quick and the Dead and in shows like Cirque Du Sollie, Disney World and Universal Studios.
We bring the experience to get the shot and pull off the impossible.  We do it every day, safely and reliably. When you need it to look right, right now,
Our services include:
  • Trainers & Coaches
  • Doubles & Stand-ins
  • Specialist Performers & Teams
  • Stunt Players & Coordinators
  • Livestock Handlers & Trainers
  • Actors & Reenactors
  • Specialized Props & Equipment
Brows our site and contact us with any of your needs. We look forward to helping make your production unforgettable.
Call 1-866-381-Will (9455)
Direct# 702-481-5829
Fax# 800-844-4259
Or email Will –

Mechanical Bull Riding Competitions and Contests

Mechanical bull riding competitions are a common request for the Mechanical Bull Association and are a blast whether run at a backyard BBQ or a bar.  You just need to do a little prep work to make sure they run smoothly and are a success.


If you are renting a mechanical bull at a bar for a special promotion, then it is critical to promote your event prior to the big day.  Even though you are paying for the rental with a mechanical bull company, you can always charge for rides at your establishment.  You can create a bull ride/appetizer special (free ride with purchase), or some other draw that works at your location.  Or, you may want to offer bull rides to patrons for free, but make sure that you push your event through social media and other forms of advertising in advance, so you can entice new customers as well as regulars to your event.  Allowing girls to ride for free is a common promotion that draws women on a “girls night out” to come to your bar, and will attract guys to boot.  You can also let people free ride for a certain amount of time, but then start the mechanical bull riding competition at a specific hour and charge an entry fee.


Just make sure you lay-out a marketing strategy that builds up to the big day, so you get the most bang for your buck.  A mechanical bull rental on its own should not be seen as a money-maker, instead it is the promotion that you build around the mechanical bull rental that can create a huge pay-out.  Use your mechanical bull rental to the fullest.


Regarding the actual running of the mechanical bull riding contest, most mechanical bull operators will have experience in this area.  A majority of mechanical bull riding competitions revolve around who can stay on the longest.  In this case, a timer is the only supply needed.


However, you can also have mechanical bull riding contests for “sexiest rider,” “the person who rides the most like a pro rodeo bull rider,” “best costumed rider,” etc.  If you do a creative contest, then you may just need the audience to vote by screaming for their favorite, or have a panel of judges announce the winner.


Some mechanical bull riding contests give each rider a number to make voting and announcing winners easier and more fun.  Have tape and large numbers printed prior to the event, so they can be placed on the contestants’ backs prior to them getting on the mechanical bull.  DO NOT use safety pins.  The last thing you want is for someone to fall off the mechanical bull and get pricked by an open safety pin.


The final item to consider is THE PRIZE.  If you are a bar or restaurant, then be sure to speak to other companies about sponsoring the mechanical bull riding competition.  This is another great way you can actually make some additional money on the mechanical bull rental too.  If you create a package to sell for the mechanical bull riding contest, then you can charge a liquor distributor or some other local company a fee to promote their product.  For instance you can hang the banner for COMPANY X, call the contest the “COMPANY X Mechanical Bull Riding Competition” and advertise it across social media and other traditional marketing avenues (e.g., weekly event calendars in newspapers) prior to the event.  The prize for winning the mechanical bull riding contest can then be associated with this company’s product.  A mechanical bull rental is a great way for others to market and promote products and services, just put some thought into the package prior to pitching it for money or product.


If you are just looking for a fun gag prize for a backyard BBQ, then you can always get the winner a huge foam cowboy hat.  Remember to have fun and be safe!


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Mechanical Bull Rental in Your Area: What to Demand When Renting a Mechanical Bull

Rent a Mechanical Bull in Your Neck of the Woods


Renting a mechanical bull in your city or state is easy, but there are a few things you should know before you sign a contract and send in a deposit.


Just this past weekend, the Mechanical Bull Association received a call for a mechanical bull rental in Las Vegas and another mechanical bull rental in Los Angeles.  Both callers said that they needed a mechanical bull rental for the following day.  In these cases, they had a mechanical bull rental in their areas all lined up, but at the last minute the mechanical bull company bailed on them.


The mechanical bull rental in California became a problem when the client rightfully requested proof of insurance from the mechanical bull operator.  The client asked for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and all of a sudden that mechanical bull operator stopped returning her phone calls.  Unfortunately, some mechanical bull owners are not insuring their mechanical bulls in your area.  We have found this to be the case at a growing rate due to the current problems with the economy.  Mechanical bull owners are cutting costs and leaving you at risk.


When renting a mechanical bull in Los Angeles or some other neck of the woods, ask for the Certificate of Insurance immediately during the rental process.  It is far better to learn that the mechanical bull rental is uninsured one month prior to your event rather than learn a few days before your big day.  In the case of the mechanical bull rental in Los Angeles, if the renter knew about the lack of insurance weeks before her event, then she would not need to stress the day before her party.  When the Mechanical Bull Association talked to her, she was in a panic, but fortunately we were able to get her a great rental (with insurance) for her event.


So, when renting a mechanical bull in your area you need to make sure to request a Certificate of Insurance.  And, if you get a very low rate, then this could definitely be a red flag that something is fishy with the mechanical bull rental’s insurance.  They may have opted out of buying insurance to slash their rental rates.  This mechanical bull rental may seem like a better deal in terms of cost, but it carries a huge risk.


Also, when getting a contract, you should also always read the fine print.  There is one company that rents mechanical bulls that has in very tiny print on page three of their contract that the Renter (that’s you) is responsible for the insurance.  This is a deal-breaker!  Mechanical bull rentals in every city must come insured by the mechanical bull company.


Even if you think that the friends coming to your party will never sue you, think again.  The Mechanical Bull Association has heard way too many tragic stories where this is just not the case.  A person hires an irresponsible mechanical bull company who runs an unsafe mechanical bull without insurance, someone gets hurt, and then that injured person goes after the person throwing the party to cover the medical bills. Recently, we heard about a mechanical bull rental in Texas where one family member sued another when injured on a mechanical bull. At the Mechanical Bull Association we are a group of mechanical bull owners and operators committed to safety, insurance compliance and that a good time is always had by all.  We are striving to make sure that stories like these become a thing of the past.


The mechanical bull rental in Las Vegas that went south had to do with the client not requesting a contract.  Having some form of legal documentation protects the renter and the mechanical bull operator because it ensures clear communication and clarifies who is responsible for what.  When renting a mechanical bull in Las Vegas, or any other part of the country, make sure you get all your information in writing.


At the Mechanical Bull Association, we strive to ensure clear communication.  We want every mechanical bull rental experience to be easy and fun.


Do you have questions about renting a mechanical bull?  

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Sexiest Mechanical Bull Ride Starring You

Sexiest Bull Ride Ever, Sexiest Mechanical Bull Ride, or Sexy Bull Rider are common titles on mechanical bull Youtube videos.  Whether you are a guy or a gal, people want to look good when riding a mechanical bull.  You don’t want to look like a fool, and if you can be known as the Sexiest Mechanical Bull Rider Ever, then that’s some serious icing on the cake.


So, if you want to be the star of the next most viewed Sexiest Bull Rider video, then here are some words of advice from our mechanical bull operators.


With these words of advice all you need to do is make sure your friends are there to record your mechanical bull ride, so they can post your Sexy Bull Ride on Youtube, Faceboom, Instagram and more.  Let the world know that you know how to ride a mechanical bull.


Sexy Mechanical Bull Ride Tips:


1.  Tell the mechanical bull operator that you want to look good.  A sexy bull ride tends to be a slower ride, so the operator should know that you want him or her to run the mechanical bull on a slow setting with more emphasis on the buck over the spin.


2.  Hold the mechanical bull strap with one hand (use an underhanded grip) and put your other hand up in the air at a 90 degree angle.


3.  Make sure your legs are forward on the mechanical bull.  Some mechanical bull models have “kick pads” that indicate where your feet should be on the mechanical bull.


4.  When the mechanical bull head bucks down make sure you lean back, and lean forward when the mechanical bull head rises.  Your movements should be smooth, and you should pivot from your hips and core.


5.  Don’t look stressed, even if you are really nervous about riding the mechanical bull.  The sexiest mechanical bull rides are when the rider looks confident.  Feel free to smile and act like you ride mechanical bulls every day of your life.


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Western Performers and Keynote Speakers, Will Roberts Spotlight

Western Performers and Keynote Speakers

estern Performers and Keynote Speakers


Mechanical Bull Association partnered with Wild West Performers and The Reenactors Performance Group to bring our customers a complete western experience.  Whether you want a western performer, gunfight, reenactors for a guest meet and greet, or a cowboy motivational or keynote speaker, our western team can complete your event.



Keynote Motivational Cowboy and Western Performer



Will Roberts is an internationally acclaimed western performer and motivational speaker known for his insightful and high-energy content spiked with humor.  Bringing back the common sense and simplicity of America, this Cirque du Soleil featured act, business owner, social media consultant, author, television host, and certified performance coach Will truly lives by passionately practices his own Simple Sense advice.


But mainly Will is a Cowboy.  His true passion is the Old West and the values and skills that are in our collective memory but often forgotten.  Since 2000, Will has been working with leading businesses, sharing his Simple Sense message and demonstrating that productivity, performance quality and work enjoyment can all be improved in our fast-paced, socially-networked, success-driven environment by focusing on Simple Sense.


Will’s presentations are extremely energetic, highly interactive and include tools that can be used immediately.  Personal stories, humor and amazing trick roping demonstrations make his motivating keynotes useful, memorable and ultimately profitable for his audiences.


He has performed at Madison Square Garden, the Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre, and the Republican National Convention.  Will is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).



WATCH Will Roberts Keynote DEMO

WATCH Will Roberts Trick Roping DEMO

Rent a Mechanical Bull the Right Way: Be Prepared and Save Money

Are you thinking about renting a mechanical bull for an upcoming event? Or, have you already rented a mechanical bull and are now looking forward to the big day?  You’re sure to have a ton of fun, but make sure your space is prepared for a mechanical bull.  Doing this bit of legwork ahead of time makes your event truly worry free.


Ideally, you want to make sure your space works for a mechanical bull prior to renting a mechanical bull, but if you missed this step, you can do it now to make sure everything is ready for your big day.


So, get out your tape measure and pencil to go through the following list.  You want to make sure that you are ready and prepared for your mechanical bull rental, so your event goes off without a hitch.


Mechanical Bull Rental Requirements

1.  Ideally, you should have 20’x25’ of unobstructed space.  This will allow for plenty of room for the mat, mechanical bull, and operator while providing a safe space surrounding the mechanical bull for spectators.

2.  The room ceiling height should be 12 feet.  You can get away with a lower ceiling with a 110 volt mechanical bull, which is a smaller and lower mechanical bull than the 220 volt mechanical bulls, but the higher the ceiling the better.

3.  Power requirements are dependent upon the type of mechanical bull rented.  For a 110 volt mechanical bull you will need two dedicated 110 volt receptacles.  You should also know the length of the power cord that the operator will bring to know the distance these dedicated outlets should be from the mechanical bull.  If you rented a 220 volt mechanical bull, then the power requirements will depend on whether you rented a hydraulic or electrical mechanical bull.  A hydraulic mechanical bull will require a 220 volt, 50 amp single phase outlet and a dedicated 110 volt receptacle.  An electrical mechanical bull needs a 220 volt, 30 amp single phase outlet and a dedicated 110 volt outlet.  Request a diagram or explanation of the mechanical bull cord plug(s) to make sure your outlets are compatible.  Ask if a generator is available should you encounter a power problem – this may incur an additional charge.

4.  The pathway to the final location should be unencumbered by stairs, soft surfaces and opening less that 4 feet.

5.  The final location should be a hard, flat, level and dry surface.  If you are at all concerned about floor damage, as in the case of a wooden gym floor, then have rubber kitchen-style mats on hand to place under the mechanical bull.

6.  Proper lighting should be available in order for the operator to safely operate the mechanical bull. The operator should be able to see both the control box and the rider.

7.  Mechanical bulls cannot operate in raining conditions.  If there is a chance of rain, then have a back-up location, or secure a tent for the event.

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Buying a Mechanical Bull?

Buying a Mechanical Bull?  Tips on Mechanical Bull Sales

uying a Mechanical Bull?  Tips on Mechanical Bull Sales


We run into folks training for upcoming rodeos, bars and restaurants interested in adding some excitement on weekends, and individuals looking to start new businesses and buying a mechanical bull is the perfect solution for all of them.


At the Mechanical Bull Association our member owners have purchased both used and new mechanical bulls and in the process learned several lessons.  We talked to our mechanical bull owners to learn a few tips that we can pass on to consumers.


Buying a mechanical bull is a serious purchase, so it is important to know the facts.  You want to make sure that you protect yourself, money and future.


Tips for Buying a Mechanical Bull for Sale

1.  No transaction should occur without a contract signed by both parties.  The Mechanical Bull Association can provide mechanical bull sale contract examples upon request.  The contract should state that the bull is fully operational to protect the purchaser should the bull not be fully functioning upon delivery.

2.  Payment should include a deposit with final payment due upon delivery or 100% due upon pick-up and inspection.  This will protect both parties and demonstrate a commitment.

3.  Ask for an operator’s manual and manufacturer information (name, phone, website).

4.  Request a Bill of Sale with delivery of the mechanical bull.

5.  A mechanical bull should include an inflatable mattress, air blower, control box and the actual mechanical bull.

6.  Whenever possible have a training session included with the sale.  This may not be possible if a third-party is delivering the bull to you.

7.  Make sure that the mechanical bull is insurable.  Some older models are not covered by insurance, so if the mechanical bull is used, then request the prior insurance information.  Contact the insurance company prior to purchasing the mechanical bull.

8.  Whether the mechanical bull is used or new call an insurance company and make sure that the mechanical bull model you are purchasing is insurable.  The Mechanical Bull Association can provide insurance resources upon request.

9.  If delivery is required and not included in the sale, then make sure that you have the details worked out prior to a purchase.  There are several third-party shippers available at affordable rates.

10.   Make sure you understand all costs prior to purchase (e.g., insurance, delivery, maintenance, etc.).  There will be upfront costs, but a well run bull can be a great way to make money.


Do your research prior to purchasing a mechanical bull because not all mechanical bull models are appropriate for all settings.  A 110 volt mechanical bull model like a VIV or Galaxy would not be a good choice for someone training for a rodeo and may not give the right look or ride for bar settings.


Interested in renting a mechanical bull for an event or have any mechanical bull questions?  

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Mechanical Bull Rental Price: The Cost of Renting a Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull Rental Price: The Cost of Renting a Mechanical Bull


The cost of renting a mechanical bull is the main question that people ask.  In order to provide an exact price for mechanical bull rentals there are several details that a mechanical bull company needs since there are many costs involved in operating and transporting a mechanical bull for rent.


Some of the factors involved in determining a mechanical bull rental price are the date, time, and duration of your event, and the distance needed to drive.  If your event runs into the wee hours of the next morning, then some operators may need to add on a hotel charge and long events (like 10+ hours straight) may incur overtime charges.


If your event is a multiple day gig, then you will probably be able to get a better deal per day since the costs of transportation will be spread over all the days of the event.


At the Mechanical Bull Association, we like to discuss your individual needs to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.  For instance, a wedding reception may want to a mechanical bull rental for four hours, but they may need it set-up 5 hours in advance, so as not to disturb the ceremony with a set-up.  The Mechanical Bull Association is accustomed to dealing with all types of situations and will make sure your event is covered whatever your needs may be.


Another cost that mechanical bull owners need to cover is insurance.  Mechanical bull insurance is a must for your event.  Do not rent a mechanical bull without seeing proof of insurance, and we suggest getting an additionally insured certificate on the policy as well.  If you encounter a mechanical bull quote that seems much lower than the others, then this low mechanical bull price may indicate that the mechanical bull does not carry insurance, or at least the proper mechanical bull insurance.  Ask questions.  A cheap mechanical bull does not always mean no or inadequate insurance, but a low mechanical bull cost should serve as a friendly reminder for you to do your homework.


Please feel free to ask us at Mechanical Bull Association if you have any questions.


Some mechanical bull companies also quote low rates, but the rates are not all-inclusive.  When it comes to contract time, then you may see added transportation and operational costs, as well as taxes that should have been presented to you upfront in the original mechanical bull price quoted.


Finally, remember that the closest mechanical bull does not necessarily mean the best rate.  Some mechanical bull companies are just very expensive – they may have a fantastic looking mechanical bull with all the bells and whistles and more or may just want to have fewer events.  Also, mechanical bulls are a traveling operation.  That means that they may go all over the country to do events, so a bull based out of CA may just be in TN for your event.  At the Mechanical Bull Association, we track and communicate with all our member mechanical bull operators to know where they are and where they are going.  This means that when we give you a quote we make sure that you are getting the best possible price out of a large pool of potential mechanical bulls.


Interested in renting a mechanical bull?

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Mechanical Bull Rentals for Team Building & Corporate Events

Mechanical bulls are a great addition to corporate events.  In particular, mechanical bulls partnered with other western games make for amazing cowboy team building activities.


Over the years, the Mechanical Bull Association has been a part of countless corporate and team building events.  We partner with Wild West Performers and The Reenactors Performance Group to bring memorable western entertainment and activities to events across the country.


Typical western games include a rodeo roper (guests try to rope a mechanized calf while sitting on top of a fake horse), steer roping (participants rope cow heads attached to hay bales), and fast draw (contestants draw blank guns to see who is the fastest draw).  Depending on the area of the country, other great western team building activities include armadillo races, horseshoes, cow patty toss, boot & hat tosses, and shooting galleries.


For many events, the Mechanical Bull Association can create activities to suit the client’s specific needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to think outside the typical western box.  Recently, at Mount Snow in Vermont, a human paintball shooting gallery was created at the ski resort.  Corporate guests shot at bandits that ran through an Old West town.  It was a unique experience that guests will not soon forget!


The Reenactors Performance Group and Wild West Performers provide cowboys and reenactors to enhance team building experiences.  Often having a cowboy emcee to guide participants through a team building event will add excitement and help to clarify the activities.


Wild West Performers is also an amazing resource for cowboy and Native American performers along with motivational and keynote speakers that bring a modern, applicable spin to the values and concepts found in the Old West.  For instance, trick roper, speaker, and social media consultant Will Roberts of Cirque du Soleil fame has relaunched a national speaking program that focuses on Simple Sense and how individuals and corporations can create more success, productivity, and happiness.  With partners like Wild West Performers, The Mechanical Bull Association can ensure your western-themed corporate event is fully covered.


Do you have any questions about mechanical bull rentals or western entertainment?

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