Buying a Mechanical Bull?

Buying a Mechanical Bull?  Tips on Mechanical Bull Sales

uying a Mechanical Bull?  Tips on Mechanical Bull Sales


We run into folks training for upcoming rodeos, bars and restaurants interested in adding some excitement on weekends, and individuals looking to start new businesses and buying a mechanical bull is the perfect solution for all of them.


At the Mechanical Bull Association our member owners have purchased both used and new mechanical bulls and in the process learned several lessons.  We talked to our mechanical bull owners to learn a few tips that we can pass on to consumers.


Buying a mechanical bull is a serious purchase, so it is important to know the facts.  You want to make sure that you protect yourself, money and future.


Tips for Buying a Mechanical Bull for Sale

1.  No transaction should occur without a contract signed by both parties.  The Mechanical Bull Association can provide mechanical bull sale contract examples upon request.  The contract should state that the bull is fully operational to protect the purchaser should the bull not be fully functioning upon delivery.

2.  Payment should include a deposit with final payment due upon delivery or 100% due upon pick-up and inspection.  This will protect both parties and demonstrate a commitment.

3.  Ask for an operator’s manual and manufacturer information (name, phone, website).

4.  Request a Bill of Sale with delivery of the mechanical bull.

5.  A mechanical bull should include an inflatable mattress, air blower, control box and the actual mechanical bull.

6.  Whenever possible have a training session included with the sale.  This may not be possible if a third-party is delivering the bull to you.

7.  Make sure that the mechanical bull is insurable.  Some older models are not covered by insurance, so if the mechanical bull is used, then request the prior insurance information.  Contact the insurance company prior to purchasing the mechanical bull.

8.  Whether the mechanical bull is used or new call an insurance company and make sure that the mechanical bull model you are purchasing is insurable.  The Mechanical Bull Association can provide insurance resources upon request.

9.  If delivery is required and not included in the sale, then make sure that you have the details worked out prior to a purchase.  There are several third-party shippers available at affordable rates.

10.   Make sure you understand all costs prior to purchase (e.g., insurance, delivery, maintenance, etc.).  There will be upfront costs, but a well run bull can be a great way to make money.


Do your research prior to purchasing a mechanical bull because not all mechanical bull models are appropriate for all settings.  A 110 volt mechanical bull model like a VIV or Galaxy would not be a good choice for someone training for a rodeo and may not give the right look or ride for bar settings.


Interested in renting a mechanical bull for an event or have any mechanical bull questions?  

Call us at 1-800-279-8365

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