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Welcome!  We are the Mechanical Bull Association, a group of mechanical bull owners and operators committed to safety, insurance compliance, and always ensuring a good time is had by all.  Our goal is to bring you an authentic cowboy experience in a professional and courteous manner.


We are the industry’s leader in mechanical bull rentals, which are available for any event including: Weddings, Schools, Birthdays, Fundraisers, Festivals, Private or Corporate Events, Television and Film Studio Shoots, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, Fairs & Festivals, or just plain having a good ol’ time.  We are your authority on mechanical bulls.


We have been in the western entertainment business for over fifteen years. Since that time, we have done a wide array of events, both big and small. We have the experience and attention to detail you need to ensure a safe and fun event!


Want to Rent a Mechanical Bull? CONTACT US and we will get back to you with a quote! Or, call us at 1-800-279-8365 today! We would love to talk to you about a Mechanical Bull rental, . . . YEEHAW!


Need other ideas for your party? Please visit to assist you in planning your event. Rest assured, your hoedown will go down without a hitch.



About Will Roberts

Will Roberts is an internationally renowned performer & speaker known for his high-energy and insightful content spiked with humor. He prides himself on bringing back the common sense and simplicity of America. Along with being a masterful trick roper and gun spinner, Will spent 3 1/2 years with famed group Cirque du Soleil as a featured artist on the Las Vegas Strip. Will also hosts a syndicated humor radio show on 39 stations in the US & Abroad. Now don?t be fooled, Will is a Cowboy. The values and skills of the West are in his blood and are his true passion. He has been called the Modern Day Will Rogers and it shows in his daily cartoon column. Will pokes fun at politicians & social trends that come his way. Although Will jabs fun at anything or anyone, he has no malice in his humor so it all remains ABOVE the belt! Are you looking to give your listeners a laugh, or maybe even think? Will Says is the way to go!
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