Mechanical Bull Rentals for Corporate Parties and film production

Mechanical Bull Association believes that the most important aspect of a mechanical bull rental is clear communication.  A person renting a mechanical bull should be clear as to what is needed to ensure a successful event, and the Mechanical Bull Association wants to help out in any way possible.


If you are having a corporate event, like a holiday party or conference, then a mechanical bull is a great way to add excitement for rider and watchers alike.  However, there are a few items to consider to make sure your mechanical bull rental on your big event day goes off without a hitch.



Mechanical Bull Association likes to make sure that every party involved has copies of the mechanical bull insurance well in advance of the event date.  By providing contact information at the company and the venue, we can make sure that the policy is provided to everyone and that additionally insured certificates are issued when needed.  Most additionally insured certificates do not incur an extra charge with the exception of a few states.


Mechanical Bull Association asks for contact names at the venue and on the event date, so that clear communication is insured.  The mechanical bull operator’s contact information can be supplied for contact on the day of the event.



Prior to the event date, Mechanical Bull Association will want to make sure that load-in requirements are met.  The load-in path will need to be clear and straight, unencumbered by stairs.  A freight elevator will be required if the event is on an above ground level.  Doorways should be at least 36” wide.  If a ramp is available additional assistance may be required depending on the degree of elevation and length of the ramp.  Finally, the mechanical bull cannot be pushed across soft surfaces without additional assistance and possible plywood planking.



This is dependent upon the type of mechanical bull rented, but Mechanical Bull Association requests contact with the on-site electrician if there is uncertainty regarding requirements.  Plugs and power sources should be determined well in advance of the event date.



The final space should be at least 20’x25’ to accommodate the mechanical bull, operator, and spectators.  The ceiling should be a minimum of 12’ in height.  Some mechanical bull types can accommodate a lower ceiling, but a small room will minimize the impact of the mechanical bull as an entertainment centerpiece.



The mechanical bull operator typically arrives within the hour since set-up time is around 30 minutes.  Tear-down occurs at the contractual end time.  Mechanical Bull Association that given the location of the mechanical bull an earlier set-up and/or tear-down may be needed to avoid it being seen by guests or distracting noise.  If an early or late time is needed, then please make sure to convey these times right away, so you can be properly accommodated.  These are the event times that should be reflected in the contract.


Do you want to rent a mechanical bull for your next event?

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