Mechanical Bull Rental in Your Area: What to Demand When Renting a Mechanical Bull

Rent a Mechanical Bull in Your Neck of the Woods


Renting a mechanical bull in your city or state is easy, but there are a few things you should know before you sign a contract and send in a deposit.


Just this past weekend, the Mechanical Bull Association received a call for a mechanical bull rental in Las Vegas and another mechanical bull rental in Los Angeles.  Both callers said that they needed a mechanical bull rental for the following day.  In these cases, they had a mechanical bull rental in their areas all lined up, but at the last minute the mechanical bull company bailed on them.


The mechanical bull rental in California became a problem when the client rightfully requested proof of insurance from the mechanical bull operator.  The client asked for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and all of a sudden that mechanical bull operator stopped returning her phone calls.  Unfortunately, some mechanical bull owners are not insuring their mechanical bulls in your area.  We have found this to be the case at a growing rate due to the current problems with the economy.  Mechanical bull owners are cutting costs and leaving you at risk.


When renting a mechanical bull in Los Angeles or some other neck of the woods, ask for the Certificate of Insurance immediately during the rental process.  It is far better to learn that the mechanical bull rental is uninsured one month prior to your event rather than learn a few days before your big day.  In the case of the mechanical bull rental in Los Angeles, if the renter knew about the lack of insurance weeks before her event, then she would not need to stress the day before her party.  When the Mechanical Bull Association talked to her, she was in a panic, but fortunately we were able to get her a great rental (with insurance) for her event.


So, when renting a mechanical bull in your area you need to make sure to request a Certificate of Insurance.  And, if you get a very low rate, then this could definitely be a red flag that something is fishy with the mechanical bull rental’s insurance.  They may have opted out of buying insurance to slash their rental rates.  This mechanical bull rental may seem like a better deal in terms of cost, but it carries a huge risk.


Also, when getting a contract, you should also always read the fine print.  There is one company that rents mechanical bulls that has in very tiny print on page three of their contract that the Renter (that’s you) is responsible for the insurance.  This is a deal-breaker!  Mechanical bull rentals in every city must come insured by the mechanical bull company.


Even if you think that the friends coming to your party will never sue you, think again.  The Mechanical Bull Association has heard way too many tragic stories where this is just not the case.  A person hires an irresponsible mechanical bull company who runs an unsafe mechanical bull without insurance, someone gets hurt, and then that injured person goes after the person throwing the party to cover the medical bills. Recently, we heard about a mechanical bull rental in Texas where one family member sued another when injured on a mechanical bull. At the Mechanical Bull Association we are a group of mechanical bull owners and operators committed to safety, insurance compliance and that a good time is always had by all.  We are striving to make sure that stories like these become a thing of the past.


The mechanical bull rental in Las Vegas that went south had to do with the client not requesting a contract.  Having some form of legal documentation protects the renter and the mechanical bull operator because it ensures clear communication and clarifies who is responsible for what.  When renting a mechanical bull in Las Vegas, or any other part of the country, make sure you get all your information in writing.


At the Mechanical Bull Association, we strive to ensure clear communication.  We want every mechanical bull rental experience to be easy and fun.


Do you have questions about renting a mechanical bull?  

Call us at 1-800-279-8365.  We love talking mechanical bulls.

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