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Wild West is your one-stop shop for all your western specialist production and event needs.


WWP is your one stop shop for all your western specialist production needs. We provide top of the line trick ropers, whip artists, gun twirlers, fast draw artists, stuntmen, trick riders, prop handlers and weapons specialists that deliver the distinct satisfaction only a master can offer. We have spent years gathering together the best and brightest in the Wild West World to bring you the most talented and experienced specialists and production services available. Whether it is a gun coach or trick roper you need or an entire battalion of horse soldiers, WWP is your inside line to the best in the business.
WWP provides quality, excellence and unique services.
Our specialists are made up the finest talent in the western arts and we work with these top professionals every day. This is a diverse group of individuals and teams that live, eat and breath the western arts, historic equipment and culture. WWP provides these professionals to clients around the world for a wide variety of production needs.  From film & television productions behind the camera and in front to live events and major themed productions for theme parks and studios.
You have seen our work in films like Jonah Hex,Tombstone and The Quick and the Dead and in shows like Cirque Du Sollie, Disney World and Universal Studios.
We bring the experience to get the shot and pull off the impossible.  We do it every day, safely and reliably. When you need it to look right, right now,
Cowboy and western films

Cowboy and western films

Our services include:

  • Trainers & Coaches
  • Doubles & Stand-ins
  • Specialist Performers & Teams
  • Stunt Players & Coordinators
  • Livestock Handlers & Trainers
  • Actors & Reenactors
  • Specialized Props & Equipment
Browse our site and contact us with any of your needs. We look forward to helping make your production unforgettable.
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 Wild West is your one stop shop for all your western specialist production and event needs needs.

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